Enhance Your Discipline #10

Enhance Your Self-Discipline #10

“Life is hard, but if we can forge a warrior spirit, then we can overcome the challenges and take control of our lives.” - Master Joseph Suyat Angeles

There are some simple truths we must accept to be able to succeed in the field of our choosing. One of those truths is that life is hard; nothing worthwhile or memorable in your life was earned without sacrificing some sort of discomfort. The best way for us to deal with the hardships of life is to create a mindset of a warrior, able to defeat any challenge with clear calm confidence. As martial artists we forge this spirit through the trials of combat, on the mat in which we submit ourselves to stress, pain and discomfort. However, we emerge from our trials newly forged, toughened by our combat and ready for the stresses of life. When we submit ourselves to highly uncomfortable situations we become use to them and in the future no longer bothered by them. Allowing our newly improved mindset to be able to meet challenges we once thought too difficult or stressful before. As human beings we grow and evolve from the hardships of life because it requires us to improve ourselves to meet the challenge. Don’t be afraid of stressful challenges because when you complete them you create a better version of yourself. You hold the power to make a better life for yourself, you just need to create a warrior spirit to defeat the challenges ahead of you.

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