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May News and Updates (Last Updated 4/29/19)

Movie Night, May 3rd 2019 ($25 per)

Our first Movie Night of the year will be celebrating May the 4th be with you early, by showing the movie that started the Star Wars journey. This movie night is a bit different as it’s meant for both adults and kids. We’ll be featuring the first released Star Wars movie: Star Wars: The New Hope. A $25 fee for each person pays for food, beverages and entertainment.


Black Belt Ceremony, May 11th

Our Biannual Black Belt ceremony will be on May 11th at 2:30 pm and will last for about an hour. During this ceremony we’ll hand out all the certificates, belts and uniforms for all that have tested during the Black Belt test or evaluation. We’ll have a small performance from our demonstration team and speeches from both our Masters, with plenty of time for pictures. We highly encourage everyone who tested to come and celebrate their achievement with the rest of the AHTKD family.


Picture Day, May 14th and 15th

Our annual Picture Day will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday, in which we won’t have any classes those days. All students are encouraged to take pictures so we can have a more complete 2019 plaque of all our students. Black Belts must take their Black Belt portraits so we can update and place their photo on the wall in the studio.


AHTKD Tournament, May 25th 2019

Our first in house tournament will be conducted in March and we’d like all our students to part take. Tournaments are a great way to motivate yourself to reach a higher skill level and expand  your potential. We’ll be having a forms, sparring and breaking portion. All students that sign up must be paid prior to the tournament so we’ll be able to create brackets for them to compete in. Competition is a natural process that occurs in our lives, the more experience they gain win or lose, will ready them for the obstacles life gives them.


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