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March Updates and News (Last Updated 3/18/19)

News and Updates


Color Belt Testing, March 27th

We’ll be conducting another color belt test on the end of the month on Wednesday, March 27th 2019. Testing papers will be handed out two weeks prior to testing. Students must prove mastery of their forms, kicks, punches, blocks and general spirit to want their next color belt. We highly recommend students practice their techniques at home and start studying their questions.


*Make-Up Color Belt Testing will be on April 5th @ 7:00pm*


AHTKD Tournament, April 2019

Our first in house tournament will be conducted in March and we’d like all our students to part take. Tournaments are a great way to motivate yourself to reach a higher skill level and expand  your potential. We’ll be having a forms, sparring and breaking portion. All students that sign up must be paid prior to the tournament so we’ll be able to create brackets for them to compete in. Competition is a natural process that occurs in our lives, the more experience they gain win or lose, will ready them for the obstacles life gives them.


Testing Fee Price Change

Due to our yearly rent increase and other financial burdens placed on the studio, we’re forced to slightly increase our testing fee from $80 to $85. By no means do we mean to create more difficulty for our students. But to allow our doors to stay open and provide excellent instruction we must increase our fees. Our lifeblod for our studio has always been the amount of students we’re able to positively influence in our community. If you’re able to refer students to our studio we’ll be able to lessen various fees to make it easier for everyone. We hope you can understand and continue supporting us in our mission to better our community.

Our Mission

The overall mission of Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do is to create a continued legacy of self-disciplined and confident individuals to enrich their community. In order for us to keep nurturing an environment for our future generations to grow in, we must have a steady flow of students. The recommendation of our fellow students is the biggest advocate for allowing us to provide a place of great instruction. Help us inspire future generations and a larger part of our community by letting them know the incredible benefit of learning martial arts! Take advantage of our referral program that can help us improve our community and your martial art experience.

Referral Program

1 Year Referral: 1 Month of Free Tuition ( $150), 1 Technical Workshop Class ($80)

2 Year Referral:
2 Months of Free Tuition, 2 Technical Workshop Class 

3 Year Referral:
3 Months of Free Tuition, 3 Technical Workshop Class


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