Enhance Your Self-Discipline #9

Enhance Your Self-Discipline #9

"The times you don't feel like doing your responsibilities is the best time to do it." -Master Joseph Suyat

By no means do I try to portray myself as a complete and self-mastered human. Like all of us I do also struggle with nagging thoughts of quitting, taking a break, or any other excuse to avoid an action that'll ultimately benefit me in the long run. However, the moments when we debate ourselves whether we should follow through is the time we must. It's upon that moment of hesitation that'll decide if we create a habit of productivity or laziness. The truth is we won't feel just right to commit to an action we know is good for us. So you must constantly grind away at an action till it becomes ingrained within us and we perform without thought or hesitation. Our routines and habits are built through repetition, even if we don't receive complete satisfaction from it. Here's some extra proof or ya (Link to Psychology Study) within the link is a study done on rodents showing that through extensive repetition they were able to enforce a lasting habit. Of course humans aren't comparable to rodents, but our brains function on the same method in forming habits. If you want to create a habit of going to the gym, reading a book, meditating, eating healthy, then you must perform that action even when you don't feel like doing it at all. The sheer repetition of you performing an action over and over will eventually create a routine that'll require less effort to perform. Its all about reps! So get those reps in!

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