Enhance Your Self-Discipline #8

Enhance Your Self-Discipline #8

“Your willingness to succeed must be like a flowing river, a persistent and lively progression forward.” - Master Joseph Suyat Angeles

Many desire to be productive and successful in their field of service to the community, which allows them to live happily. They share one quality that allows them to succeed, a positive persistence to achieve and complete goals. We are inevitable to meet distasteful and stressful moments in life, but we can’t let them discourage us to lower our enthusiasm in achieving our responsibilities. We can only continue forward like a flowing river pushing through any obstacle that lies before it. The biggest cause of accepting where you are in life is the belief you cannot do better, for that is a lie we tell ourselves when our failures have become too hard to bear. Remind yourself that your failures are the requirement to learning how to become better. We can't know what not to do unless we’re taught or experience it ourselves. Water doesn’t bother itself with the tremendous obstacles it has to face, but instead progresses onward. Just don’t forget, as one very wise man has said, “Be water my friend”.

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