Enhance Your Self-Discipline #7

Enhance Your Self-Discipline:

“If you win, do not boast of your victory; if you lose, don’t be discouraged. When it is safe, don’t be careless; when it is dangerous, do not fear. Simply continue down the path ahead. -Kano Jigoro

Within this quote there are 5 lessons to be learned and reminded of to help you continue pursuing your happiness and fulfillment. Firstly, when we succeed it’s important we don’t allow the victory fool us into believing we’ve reached our highest potential. It can be quite easy to feel completely satisfied with ourselves when we’ve reached our goal. However, you must remind yourself this isn’t the last step, but only the first of many that lay before you. Secondly, every close held idol throughout human history got to their position in society by overcoming their loses. Losing never feels good and it shouldn’t; losing is a reminder to yourself of what you can improve on. Rather than being discouraged from your losses, be inspired to create a better version of yourself. Thirdy, when we are most comfortable and content we can’t let our guard down because that’s when we are most vulnerable. We must keep ourselves in a constant state of discomfort because only in that environment are we required to better ourselves to overcome our discomfort. Fourthly, we must not fear danger and discomfort, for what we’re really fear is change. Change can be scary because it’s a journey into the unknown, a venture to new experiences that’ll greatly benefit your life. Life in all it’s glory isn’t just sunshine and rainbows, but can better understood like a flowing river. Water travelling down its path may come across, a raging rapid, a gentle stream, a blockade of debris, but nonetheless it’ll continue forward with continuous and persistent effort. Lastly, you must simply continue down your path, like water down it’s own path, eventually you’ll reach the open sea where your freedom, happiness and fulfillment lies.

-Master Joseph Suyat

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