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Motivational Quote of the Week: June 4th to the 10th

Motivational Quote of the Week:

“There is nothing noble being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” -Ernest Hemingway

The best routine and mindset to have is continually developing and improving yourself into a better version than you were yesterday. Continue this routine long enough in your love/friendship, hobby and work life and it'll turn into a habit. The goal is to formulate mental habits that productively dictate how you behave and approach life. Tackling every life stressor and using it to improve yourself. Using other people as a means to motivate yourself to be better than them can be useful, however it has its limitations and can be incredibly selfish or rude. There is a limit of role models you can surpass in a lifetime, but the one person you can always exceed is yourself. Using yourself as the limitation to beat you become overly aware of your own faults, allowing you to better understand yourself and what to change. It's fairly easy to stay stagnant and be comfortable with who you are at this very moment. However, the opportunities and possibilities for your life is dependent upon your current skills, attitude, and self-discipline. If you want more from life than you must demand more from yourself.

-Master Joseph Suyat

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