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Motivational Quote of the Week: March 12th to the 18th

Motivational Quote of the Week:

“What you aim at determines what you see.” -Jordan Peterson

The level of happiness and success we have in life is determined by the goals and challenges we set for ourselves. If we truly want to increase or improve an aspect in our life like: wealth, relationships, physical ability and many other aspects, we must set goals that directly connect to those facets of life. Living in the modern age it’s quite easy to be blinded by the many distractions we have like: social media, technology, video games, TV, drugs, etc. I dare you to reflect upon yourself and realize how many hours you waste by scrolling through your phone or endlessly watching your favorite channel or website. If your aim is to use your precious time on any of these distractions you’ll see no real value added to your life. That’s why this second quote is something you must remember, “You cannot aim yourself at anything if you are completely undisciplined and untutored.” (J. Peterson). You must realize that the time you have everyday is precious and not refundable. You must use that time in a disciplined manner if you choose to improve any aspect of your life. Avoiding distractions and dedicating your time at your goals will add depth and growth to your life. Resist the urge to waste your time and remind yourself of where you want to be in life. With disciplined and educated aim you can determine the life you want to see.

-Master Joseph Suyat

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