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Motivational Quote of the Week: Feb 5th to the 11th

Motivational Quote of the Week:

"In the beginning nothing comes, in the middle nothing stays, in the end nothing goes.” - Jetsun Milarepar 12th Century Tibet Yogi

This week I wanted to use a simple quote that addresses the process of mastering a new skill. Any new hobby or skill you decide to learn will have a similar process to mastery. At the very beginning of learning that new skill you’ll face frustration in the inability to remember the most simple techniques. Being open to failure and making mistakes is important to overcoming the first step. For no one has ever picked up a new hobby and made no mistakes upon mastering it. Secondly, over time we start to remember our techniques more easily, but they come and go depending on our practice routine. Staying absolutely persistent on our routine is important to passing this second step. If we take a small break, even two weeks of inactivity we’ll find our knowledge fading and harder to remember. However, if we continue our routine to the point we no longer need to remember to practice, we’ll find ourselves at the third step. When we’ve spent enough time doing a certain activity where it’s intertwined within our weekly routine, we’ve started to master that activity.  If you truly want to master a new skill, create workout routine or have a better eating habit, you must continue that activity till you no longer notice them. You must repeat that activity till it no longer feels like a chore and instead is a part of your life. Remember you have the ability to create a life you want to live, it just requires: time, effort, persistence and patience. Don’t give in to your old habits and instead remind yourself you’re creating a better life by pursuing new adventures.

-Master Joseph Suyat

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