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Motivational Quote of the Week: Jan 29th to Feb 4th

Motivational Quote of the Week:

"If you haven't the strength to impose your own terms upon life. You must accept the terms if offers you." -T.S. Eliot

Sometimes accepting a certain fate like bad weather, a downturn in the economy or a bad result from a medical examination can be difficult. However, if we try to change something that's unchangeable we are only wasting our energy and precious time. Some moments throughout our life we must accept a certain outcome knowing we had no choice in the matter. There's no point in trying to impose your will on something you have no complete control over. Accepting those moments where we have no control allows us to focus on the areas in our life we do have control over. Our focus should always be upon the current moment we live in, within this moment we have the most control on our life. Dwelling on the past or the far future are mental habits you should avoid and rather acknowledge the actions we make now is the only way for us create a life we want. As technology becomes more integrated into our lives we must control the many distractions that can take us away from making a positive and productive change. Realize how much time you may waste scrolling through life and understand that time can be used to better your life instead of staying stagnant. Accept that some events in your life will come without your permission and you must focus on the areas you do have control over. You posses such amazing potential and its upon you decided what you'll do with it.

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