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Motivational Quote of the Week: October 16th to the 22nd

Motivational Quote of the Week

"Never waste energy on worries or negative thoughts, all problems are brought into existence-drop them.” -Bruce Lee

You must realize that the way you feel about life is dictated by you. You posses the power to see the world in either a negative or positive way. Understand that controlling these emotions, reactions and thoughts will help you live a better life. Don’t allow a negative thought control and demotivate you. Instead know that you are the one that brought that negative thought to mind and have the power to let it go as well. Focus your energy on actions that benefit you the most even if they’re tough decisions. Here’s a phrase I learned of that I use to remind myself of the power I posses: “I’m the only problem I’ll ever have, but I’m the solution.”. You’re capable of leading your life in any direction you choose, but you must put forth the effort and time to do so. Be willing to face the struggles of life in a positive and productive manner. Enjoy every moment of it and make the best out of each situation.

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