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Motivational Quote of the Week: October 9th to the 15th

Motivational Quote of the Week

"If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.” -Bruce Lee

Time is one of the most talked about subjects I lecture about. I like to perceive time as a currency just like how you use your dollars to purchase food or anything else. We use time to purchase improvement upon ourselves or advancement towards our goals. You only get 24 hours a day to use upon whatever you may choose. The choice of how you spend your time is the most important decision you make daily. Living in a modern world we have the freedom of choosing to be content or lazy. However to become successful or skillful in any of your hobbies, you must spend time and effort upon it. Be aware of how you spend your precious 24 hours everyday and realize how you can invest more time in activities that could elevate your life. Don’t waste your time on leisure activities like playing video games, watching tv, napping, etc. There always be the right time to rest and relax, but you must commit more of your time bettering yourself. Be willing to grind everyday to be better than you were yesterday. When you finally focus your time on finishing your responsibilities, you’ll be able to enjoy your leisure time a lot more. Time is your most precious currency, use it wisely.

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