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Mid Week Motivation!!!

At some point through our journey of obtaining our happiness we're going to be met with great struggle. For any great improvement we gain, its accompanied with obstacles and it's hurdling past those obstacles that allow us to improve ourselves. However if we quit when met with hardship we'll never pass our plateau and see our true potential. For no one wants to live their life with regret and wish they had never quit in the first place. You must acknowledge the truth that you'll probably will meet great hardship in your lifetime. So it's important to train your mind and body for those moments because its those moments that'll determine the amount of success you may obtain. That's why for most martial artists the training is much harder than the competition because it's the training that allows the person to compete at a high level. Though if we don't commit to training ourselves to the best of our ability we'll only stay at our plateau. Determine what you want in life and keep moving forward, always forward.

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