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Motivational Quote of the Week (10/10/16)

Motivational Quote of the Week:

"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action." - Benjamin Disraeli

It's important for us to create habits that are productive to our own existence. For our own happiness is not going to be the same for everyone, we must be honest with ourselves and find purpose in life. As soon as you find your purpose or joy that comes from the work you do, you must act upon it no matter the outcome. We must accept that life isn't always going to give us a break or an easy ride. If it was really that easy to be successful then everyone wouldn't have problems, stress, failure and disappointment. This idea of failure might discourage some of you because no on enjoys putting tremendous amount of work into something and having it not succeed. However if you don't act upon your passions in life, you'll only create a habit of avoiding actions that could affect your life positively. Your habits could even create laziness because you'd rather accept defeat now then putting forth effort that could result in either disappointment or success.  For I have experienced this type of habit, in which I would mentally give up upon a task because it was easier for me to deal with the stress of being lazy. Than the amount of emotional turmoil I may experience by giving my all towards that goal and only facing disappointment at the end. I realized I feared disappointment and that fear kept me from giving my utmost effort towards completing my goals. However it made me realize that my fear was irrational because it always dealt with the future and not what I'm doing this moment. For I can't control my future unless I can control what I'm doing now and all days to come. It's the actions I do today that'll help me to the path of happiness and success. Furthermore it's the habits I cultivate now that'll determine my path through life. Lastly, don't fear disappointment because without it we truly won't know the potential we may posses when learning from our mistakes. Like one of my favorite quotes from my new favorite Netflix show, Marvel's Luke Cage has said, "Never backward, always forward.". We must always think forward and allow our past to teach us how to prevail in the future.

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