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Motivational Quote of the Week (9/12/16)

Motivational Quote of the Week:

"Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality." -Bruce Lee

Our state of mind is an extremely important aspect in our lives and if we are able to control it, then we'll be able to constantly improve ourselves. Your mindset are the habits and attitudes you've created through your lifetime that control how you perceive and react to the world. Sometimes our worst habits go by unnoticed because they've been a habit for so long we assume it's normal. This is why we must always be aware of our mental thinking process, which is the way we perceive new events and react to them. For example,  if a child starts a new hobby and is unable to perform a certain task; who's then told they can drop this hobby for a new one. The child would create a habit of accepting defeat, rather than being told through practice they can achieve what they believed was impossible. Though if someone has a habit of accepting defeat it doesn't mean they can't change it. Though it becomes more difficult to break a habit the longer the habit has been there. That's why its important for us to realize that our own perception is important in how we look at defeat. For example, I personally look at defeat as a lesson on how to become a better person. Though my perception of defeat wasn't always that way, I used to have a bad habit of accepting defeat because it was a habit that grew from my childhood. We must always be aware of our physical and mental well being because being 100% in control of yourself without relying on habits is the best way to succeed in life. 

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