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New Training Tool!!! Tumble Kick Air Track!!

The Tumble Kick Air Track!!!

As time goes on we all need to evolve and adapt our skills to keep up with the times. For no skill can stand unchanged and remain the best without constant improvement. For example, the explosion of Mixed Martial Arts around the world in the last 20 years illustrates the evolution of Martial Arts. For the time before MMA, a lot of martial arts didn't contain other techniques from different arts. However with the introduction of MMA style fights, fighters started to realize they needed to train in various arts to counter their opponents style.This translated into martial arts schools teaching other techniques from different arts. As the reality of having a striking only attacker started to become less common and students needed to know how to defend agianst a grappler.

This where our new training tool comes in, for over the years we've realized we need something that'll strengthen our students legs differently then we previously had done. With the Air Track we're able to help increase leg control because students have more time in the air to kick, allowing them to practice on tucking their non kicking leg. Though most importantly we've found constant bouncing on the Air Track has increased our students footwork while sparring. For they way you spring off your feet/ankles are important in delivering a fast and powerful kick. As well, most of the time students are just having so much fun jumping on the Air Track to realize they're strengthening their legs.The evolution of our training tools will help increase our students ability to have an effective kick.

We'll be using the Air Track as a primary tool in improving our students jump kicks and leg control. Also using it to create fun scenarios for our students to try out, for example wall running the Air Track while its against a wall. Get use to seeing the Air Track for it'll be a permanent addition to our training regiment.


Check out this short video demonstrating basic jumps our students practice at the studio:

Air Track Preview!

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