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Tae Kwon Do Kick Breakdown

The Axe Kick

This kick I believe defines Tae Kwon Do quite well, it illustrates our leg control, speed and flexibility. The axe kick is the very first kick our students learn, for its a simple kick with no extravagant spinning or jumping. The target for this kick would be the head, collar bone and high chest. Though we consider this kick a high risk and high reward because leaving your leg up leaves you open to attack. The most important aspects of using the axe kick is timing and precision because if you fail to land the kick the opponent might be able to grab your leg or counter strike. Though I've always told my students if they master the axe kick, it could be one of the most devastating attacks you can deliver to an attacker. For the axe kick is an unexpected attack, for I believe most people who train in MMA or Martial Arts only use the axe kick in a minimal amount. For the time and effort it takes to have an effective axe kick discourages most practitioners to use their time on more common kicks like the: roundhouse, side kick, back kick and push kick. Though if you love the axe kick as much as I do here's a good video demonstrating the effectiveness of it. This video is of Andy Hug one of the greatest Heavyweight Kick Boxer, though he began his martial arts career with a different art than ours, the use of the kick is the same. 

Andy Hug's Axe Kick

Note: For my martial arts practitioners watching, Andy throws both in to out and out to in axe kicks allowing him to go around his opponents guard.

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