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Motivational Quote of the Week (8/1/16)

Motivational Quote of the Week:

"Understanding fear - To understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing." - Bruce Lee

This is one of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee because its the most straightforward way of expanding your limits. For fear is a limit upon your experience in this world, though it has been keeping the human race alive for generations. If we didn't have fear we'd be inclined to probably injure ourselves or hurt others. However its important to understand this emotion, for if we are able to control our fear we'd be able to achieve tremendous and even dangerous feats. For example, no person thought it would be possible to climb the highest mountain on earth because they feared it'll be too difficult or dangerous. However, when we witness an achievement like the first person climbing Mt. Everest, we expand the idea of what is possible. Even today if you told me that a man named Luke Aikins would jump from 25,000 feet with no parachute and land in a net, I'd honestly think you're crazy. Even though over the weekend a man named Luke Aikins did just that and it's not to say that we all should be jumping out of planes with no parachutes. But this begs you the questions of how can a human being muster the mental and physical discipline to achieve such an amazing feat. It's these questions we ask ourselves when witnessing such amazing feat that allows us to expand what we believe is possible for ourselves. For the only thing that limits us on this world is our perception of what is possible and to expand our possibilities we must experience it. 

As an instructor in a Martial Arts Studio I witness this expansion especially during belt testing. For one of the hardest things to do in Martial Arts is the breaking technique, in which you willingly risk your body to break wooden boards or stone to earn your next belt. This isn't just a physical test of strength and conditioning, but also tests your mental discipline to not allow your emotions get in the way. As emotions tend to distract us from the task at hand, for example the fear of acceptance can hinder a martial artist to defeat themselves. For their focus wonders to the idea that if they don't break these boards they won't be accepted and with a lot of technique involved in breaking, it can hinder their chances of breaking those boards. But if a martial artist is able to focus their mind and accept the fear that comes with this task they most likely will break those boards. For its upon that experience of breaking those boards that allows a person to understand what it means to expand their possibilities. They understand the hard work and dedication it took to achieve such a feat, which allows them to understand the type of human being they need to be in this world. A human being that isn't afraid of being uncomfortable because they know it'll only expand their understanding of life. A human being that isn't afraid to risk their own well being for someone else because they know its right to stand up for their community. A human being that isn't afraid of the future because they understand what they do know affects their own destiny.

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