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My son was bugging us to start Tae Kwon Do. We promised him when he turned 3 that we would look for a studio for him. Fortunately we found AH TKD. Both Master Hong and Master Joseph are wonderful. My son started right after his 3rd birthday and has never missed a class. He absolutely loves it. My husband was a brown belt many, many years ago. Seeing our son learn TKD inspired him to go back and earn his black belt. He is also studying under Masters Hong and Joseph. Absolutely wonderful studio and environment.

Jumel W.

Not all Tae Kwon Do studios are same, I recommend that if you are looking to start and/or improve your taekwondo skills, please give this studio a try. Grand Master Hong is the best in this field, he is very patient, honest and kind master.

Helen Shim

Have 2 of my kids attending classes. Instructors are very encouraging creating great learning environment while teaching TKD, responsibility, and discipline.

Nikolay F.

Kids Martial Arts Poway

Tae Kwon Do has taught me multiple kicks, punches, forms, techniques and sparring methods. Sometimes we get to spare against each other, meaning we can use all the kicks and punches and blocks, to defend ourselfs. The forms, and techniques include a varity of kicks, punches and blocks. Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do is a great place to learn martial arts!

Ashir K., a 9 year old 1st Degree Black Belt

I've been a part of this studio for over 13 years and I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for the training I had with Grand Master Hong and his staff. I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth and didn't have any drive to be the best that I could be. Luckily when I was 12 years old I decided to pursue martial arts in fear of being bullied in highschool. Even though I was never bullied at school the personal growth I gained from training at AH Tae Kwon Do was well worth it. All my confidence and personal determination was developed training Tae Kwon Do with Grand Master Hong. He teaches correct techniques with realistic vision. It's common to find teachers bloated with their own ego that will say you can be untouchable training in their martial arts. In truth, martial artists are well prepared for a physical confrontation but we accept the idea that every physical confrontation will bring you pain. This is an amazing place to train and I recommend people looking to get into martial arts to check this place out.

Joseph A.

Master Hong is very skilled and friendly!
I love going to tae kwon do!!!!!!!
It builds your character and encourages you to work hard.

David C.

My son and I love this school. It's a little pricy but what isn't these days? Especially when we are gettin something so valuable from it. The location is great, the classes fit our schedule, they are flexible on make ups, and super friendly people. My son is learning patience, discipline, getting exercise, and learning respect. This Tae Kwon Do school offers lots of extra stuff for the kids as well. They have bring a friend night, movie nights, school readiness classes, and many more. My son gets to make friends and has a blast here. I would definitely recommend this school.

Bridget Rivas

Great place to learn martial arts grand master hong and instructors . They are very good with childrens and adults. If you want to learn martial arts try Anthony Hongs taekwondo you wont regret. 

Hannah L.

Kids Martial Arts Poway

When I was at Tae Kwon Do, I not only learned how to defend myself, I also had fun. I made new friends as well got more time with my family. I learned how to be responsible and build better character for myself. Tae Kwon Do is a great experience and I enjoyed it very, very much

Noah Lowy, Age 14, 2nd Degree Black Belt

Kids Martial Arts Poway

Zach has been working with Master Hong for 6+ years. It has been one of the best decisions we’ve made in terms of developing Zach’s mental and physical discipline. He’s a much more confident kid now and much of that has to do with his experience here at A. H. Tae Kwon DO. My wife and I are very thankful we walked in here 6+ years ago. Master Hong has been a great teacher, mentor and friend to Zach and we’re grateful for that type of role model.

Frankie Silva (father), Zach Silva a 2nd Degree Black Belt

Kids Martial Arts Poway

I started Tae Kwon Do when I was only 3 1/2 years old. Ever since then, I have been learning numerous different ways to defend myself, should the need ever come, through the forms, techniques and sparring methods that we are taught. Tae Kwon Do has also taught me discipline and helped increase my physical strength and stamina. I love Tae Kwon Do and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Esha Kashyap, a 12 year old 3rd Degree Black Belt

Kids Martial Arts Poway

Andrew looks forward to his lessons with Grand Master Hong and Master Joseph. We signed up for the program after 3 very positive reviews from classmates. Classes are a good balance of instruction with patience and discipline. As a parent, I also appreciate the emphasis on respect and manners. If you are looking for an EXCELLENT place for your child to learn the art of Tae Kwon Do, I highly recommend Grand Master Hong and his team.

Andre Rosen, a 9 year old Yellow Stripe Belt

Kids Martial Arts Poway

Master Hong truly cares about his students. He is a true Master at TKD but also teaches the kids life lessons as well.

Sierra Izzard

Kids Martial Arts Poway

You walk in the door of Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do a person, you leave a well-trained FAMILY member. We love the Hong family! All at Anthony Hong Tae Kwon Do lead from the heart. They not only teach your kid how to defend themselves using the art of TKD, they teach them to believe in themselves and to become the best version of themselves in whatever they do.

Norma J Silva

Grand Master Hong and Master Lee are INCREDIBLE!!!  My son Gavin learned so much from the both of them, the rest of the staff is awesome as well.  If you are looking for a GREAT place for your child to learn the art of Tae Kwon Do, then I highly recommend AH Tae Kwon Do!!!!

Chris H.

Great Place!!! Very Knowledgeable about different types of martial arts. This is a family learning environment. A fantastic place for children to learn and develop physically and mentally. I was able to get my cousin in here just to experience a different type of martial art. I recommend checking this place out.

Kalvin P.

I trained at A.H. Tae Kwon Do for 4 years a few years back. Master Anthony Hong and Master David Hong were the best Tae Kwon Do instructors I could have hoped for. They are funny when it is necessary and make the class enjoyable, but are firm and serious about the philosophy and self defense they teach in their class. I attained the level of black belt back then, but when I look back at it, I wish I stayed for another few years to achieve my 2nd of even 3rd degree accreditation. An overall excellent school for class a instruction and a friendly, family oriented environment with a well equipped training area. Couldn't recommend a better Tae Kwon Do Dojang.

Josh F.

Master Hong and his team are terrific.  My son thoroughly enjoys the program.   We signed up for the program after receiving 3 very positive referrals from classmates.  The class is a good balance of structure, patience and discipline.

Elaine R.

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