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  • March Updates and News (Last Updated 3/18/19)

    News and Updates Color Belt Testing, March 27th We’ll be conducting another color belt test on the end of the month on Wednesday, March 27th 2019. Testing papers will be handed out two weeks prior to testing. Students must prove mastery of their forms, kicks, punches, blocks and general spirit to want their next color belt. We highly recommend students practice their techniques at home and start studying their questions. *Make-Up Color Belt Testing will be on April 5th @ 7:00pm* AHTKD Tournament, April 2019 Our first in house tournament will be conducted in March and we’d like all our students to part take. Tournaments are a great way to motivate ....

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  • Enhance Your Self-Discipline #9

    Enhance Your Self-Discipline #9
    "The times you don't feel like doing your responsibilities is the best time to do it." -Master Joseph Suyat By no means do I try to portray myself as a complete and self-mastered human. Like all of us I do also struggle with nagging thoughts of quitting, taking a break, or any other excuse to avoid an action that'll ultimately benefit me in the long run. However, the moments when we debate ourselves whether we should follow through is the time we must. It's upon that moment of hesitation that'll decide if we create a habit of productivity or laziness. The truth is we won't feel just right to commit to an action we know is good for us. So you must ....

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  • Enhance Your Self-Discipline #8

    Enhance Your Self-Discipline #8 “Your willingness to succeed must be like a flowing river, a persistent and lively progression forward.” - Master Joseph Suyat Angeles Many desire to be productive and successful in their field of service to the community, which allows them to live happily. They share one quality that allows them to succeed, a positive persistence to achieve and complete goals. We are inevitable to meet distasteful and stressful moments in life, but we can’t let them discourage us to lower our enthusiasm in achieving our responsibilities. We can only continue forward like a flowing river pushing through any obstacle that lies before it. The biggest ....

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  • Brand New Workshop Class!

    Technical Workshop Class 1 Hour Class, Limited to 4 Students, Only on Saturdays @ 11:00-12:00pm Workshop class designed to improve overall technical skills in Tae Kwon Do with a more personalized and thorough instruction. As well, more individually designed exercises to expand a students potential within their martial art. To allow for the best possible instruction these classes are limited to a certain amount, so make sure to sign up quickly! Price Break Down -$80 Seperately -$70 each for 5 Bundle -$60 each for 10 Bundle ....

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  • January News and Events (Last Updated January 14th)

    January News and Updates Color Belt Testing, January 30th 2019 We’ll be conducting our first color belt test of the year on Wednesday, January 30th . The make-up color belt test will be on Friday, February 1st at 7:00 pm . Testing papers will be handed out two weeks prior to testing and must be handed in at least 2 days before the test. We highly encourage our students to prepare for the test by studying their questions and reviewing their techniques . AHTKD Tournament, March 2019 Our first in house tournament will be conducted in March and we’d like all our students to part take. Tournaments are a great way to motivate yourself to reach a higher ....

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  • December News and Events (Last Updated December 10th)

    December News and Events We’re deeply saddened to inform y’all that due to unforeseen and unfortunate events, as well logistical problems we won’t be having a Christmas Party this year. We’re very hopeful that next year, everything will be back to normal operation. We surely wish everyone a relaxing and wonderful winter break. Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Winter Break will be from December 20th to January 3rd and reopening on January 4th, 2019. *Starting in 2019 we’ll be requiring students to wear a face mask ($35) rather than their mouth guard because it provides more protection. ....

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  • November Events and News (Last Update November 19th)

    November News and Events (Last Updated: 11/19/18) Thanksgiving Week and Closures Thanksgiving Week: Nov. 19th - 24th Closed: Nov. 22nd - Nov. 25th On Thanksgiving week we’ll be having a Family and Friends share week till we’re closed on Thursday, November 22nd to November 25th. During the days from Monday to Wednesday, students are encouraged to have their family members and friends join their class. During the classes everyone will enjoy group/partner workouts, self-defense drills and games! We highly encourage everyone to participate and share their art form to their loved ones as a thank you for the support they receive in their martial arts ....

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  • Enhance Your Self-Discipline #7

    Enhance Your Self-Discipline: “If you win, do not boast of your victory; if you lose, don’t be discouraged. When it is safe, don’t be careless; when it is dangerous, do not fear. Simply continue down the path ahead. -Kano Jigoro Within this quote there are 5 lessons to be learned and reminded of to help you continue pursuing your happiness and fulfillment. Firstly, when we succeed it’s important we don’t allow the victory fool us into believing we’ve reached our highest potential. It can be quite easy to feel completely satisfied with ourselves when we’ve reached our goal. However, you must remind yourself this isn’t the last step, ....

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  • Enhance Your Self-Discipline #6

    Enhance Your Self-Discipline: “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside of the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.” -Goi Nasu Exactly the way we train our bodies to endure and overcome physical pain, we must train our minds to tolerate and prevail negativity. What we consistently think and allow into our minds create the reality we live in. If you repeatedly allow other people’s negative view of the world to influence you, you’ll eventually see the world in the negative light. Life is a lot more productive and pleasant when you have an optimistic view, as ....

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  • Enhance Your Self-Discipline #5

    Enhance Your Self-Discipline: “You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not. We always have power of our minds...Claim and consciously use your power.” -Louise L. Hay We speak and think our own narrative, this is an idea I try to teach my students quite often. Think of your life as your own hero story, the words you speak and the thoughts that conjure in your mind are written in your book. You must be aware of how you think and speak of yourself if you want more control of your life.Start claiming your life by declaring ownership of your mind and body first. Become alive to how you operate ....

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